Maternity and Paternity Coaching


Coaching women at critical points during the maternity transition brings proven business benefits in terms of increased staff retention rates and reduced disruption to business.

We provide  maternity coaching  on a one to one basis supporting women  over a period of months leading up to and after maternity leave.    Sessions can be held face to face, via Skype or over the telephone.

Coaching sessions centre around critical issues that most commonly arise at these times in the transition.    The number of sessions will depend on several factors, but will normally range from 4-6 with options for check-in calls and follow-up sessions to be provided alongside.


Prior to maternity leave:

Coaching will focus on preparation for taking leave and building the foundations for a smooth transition back into work following leave.

During leave:

Coaching will look to prepare for return, addressing practicalities in addition to the common concerns such as reduced confidence; worries over how to balance home and work life etc.

Upon and after return to work:

The coaching at this stage will focus on strategies for re-engagement upon return to work.   There will also be opportunity for identifying how to create sustained support and career development over the longer-term.